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"It takes 17 years for just 14% of research to become adopted into clinical practice." (Green et al., 2009)


At Progressive Speech Therapy, we are different.  We are very deeply rooted in evidence-based research, and the latest advancements in our field are immediately incorporated into our therapy.  Our therapists take advantage of every applicable continuing education opportunity, keep up-to-date on the latest research articles, and we personally know and collaborate with the foremost experts in our field.

Furthermore, we customize our therapy to your child -- we don't follow a recipe -- every approach for every child is different.  Your child will only be seen by a therapist that is exceptional in the therapy required by your child.  We ask ourselves:  If your child was one of our own children, which therapist would we place him/her with?  If such a therapist exists at Progressive Speech Therapy, your child will see that therapist.  If such a therapist exists elsewhere, we will refer you to another practice.  In that regard, we operate like a family, not a business.

Why choose an evidence-based practice?

When we use approaches and techniques that have been studied and have evidence supporting their effectiveness, we are able to maximize progress and outcomes for the children we serve.  We ask questions, think critically about the evidence available, and design an eclectic-evidence based approach to working with each child.

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